Georgia GOP chair panics as Luntz cites billboards in predicting GOP Georgia defeat
Fox News/screen grab

Republican pollster Frank Luntz warned Republicans that it was going to be a difficult 48 hours for them, first from the Georgia election and second for the GOP battle in the House and Senate.

He also noted that there are multiple billboards erected in Republican areas in Georgia telling people not to vote for either Republican Senate candidate because they hadn't done enough to help save President Donald Trump from his 2020 loss.

Really American PAC is the group behind the billboards that Luntz saw. Both the billboards and the Luntz comments about them prompted the Georgia Republican Party chair to send out an urgent tweet not to believe the signs.

The group's founder and director, Justin Horwitz, told Raw Story, "These billboards are true and accurate. Clearly, they speak for themselves, but if you need more information, I have heard objections from GOP leaders about how [little] Perdue and Loeffler did to assist Donald Trump in his goal of overturning Georgia's 16 electoral votes declared for Biden.

The PAC's first purchase of 12 billboards drew swift condemnation from the Georgia GOP, but publicity eventually led to over 100 billboards across the state. "We focused on areas with big Trump support," said Horwitz, "They are the ones who need to know Loeffler and Perdue abandoned Donald Trump and abandoned the GOP voters of Georgia."

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