Georgia man says he opened fire on local gas stations because he doesn't like 'towel heads'
A person shooting a gun (image via Shutterstock).

On Thursday, Fox 5 News reported that a Georgia man, 48-year-old Larry Edward Foxworth, has been indicted on federal hate crime charges for allegedly shooting at gas stations last year.

"Clayton County police said on July 30, 2021, around 2:30 a.m., officers responded to reports of fired shots at a gas station located in the 6000 block of Tara Blvd. in Jonesboro. While investigating, officers heard more shots coming from just a mile down the road," said the report. "Officers arrived at a gas station in the 700 block of Mt. Zion Road and spotted a 2016 Ford Fusion weaving in and out of traffic. During a traffic stop, police said officers spotted an open container and a bag of ammunition including spent shell casings inside the car."

"Foxworth was arrested. As he was being taken into custody police said he told officers that 'I can give you a name and we can make this disappear' and 'this is a hate crime and this is a targeted hit,'" said the report. "Investigators said Foxworth admitted to the shootings because he doesn’t like 'towel heads' and didn’t like people of color calling them 'n----s'. He told investigators that 'after shooting the first location he went down the road and did a U-turn to come back and shoot the location again.' He told investigators he wasn’t aware he was at a second location."

If convicted, Foxworth potentially faces multiple life sentences.

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This indictment comes just after the racially-motivated massacre at a Buffalo, New York supermarket that left 10 Black shoppers dead.

Sikhs and other people of South Asian descent routinely are targeted in hate crimes — and often the incidents aren't treated with urgency. One California Sikh man alleges police told him to avoid confrontation with his harassers by not driving down his own street.