Cops advised Sikh man targeted by racist abuse to 'not to drive on his own street to avoid confrontation': lawsuit
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A California man who was targeted regularly with racist abuse is accusing local police of failing to take threats made against him seriously.

Local news station ABC 10 reports that Rouble Claire, a 66-year-old Sikh man who lives in the city of Sutter, California, was left feeling upset after he called police to report someone had written a racial slur targeted at him on the street outside his house.

Although police officers responded to Clarie's call, he alleges in a lawsuit filed against Sutter County this week that they seemingly downplayed the significance of what had happened to him.

"One deputy who responded to the chalking incident used his own water bottle in an attempt to wash away the evidence before taking photos for the office and another advised him not to drive on his own street to avoid any confrontation," the lawsuit states.

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The incident at Clarie's house came just hours after a woman at a nearby grocery store hurled ethnic slurs at him and threatened to hit him with her car.

Claire claims that he called police to report the woman's threats, but said that no one even bothered showing up.

"I have been subject to threats, harassment, and racial slurs--yet almost a full year later, no one has been held accountable," said Claire, who emphasized that he only decided to pursue legal action as a last resort. "For months, after immediately reporting these hateful acts, I sat in silence waiting for action that never came."

The Sutter County Sheriff's Office did not respond to ABC 10's request for comment.