'Vile and disgusting': Georgia cops suspended after home security video catches them saying the N-word
Police car lights (Shutterstock)

Six Georgia police officers are on leave after they were captured on a homeowner's security camera saying the N-word, WSB-TV reported on Thursday.

In the video, the West Point officers can be seen standing on the porch discussing the homeowner's son. While the audio is hard to make out, the report indicates that during the discussion, the officers called the homeowner's son the N-word.

One officer is then seen throwing the homeowner's front door camera into the bushes.

“It’s Miss Madden’s understanding that the police were there looking for her son. When she learned of that, she turned him in to the police department, well, the sheriff’s office,” the homeowner’s lawyer, Wendell Major, said.

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Officers Donald Bramblett, Dylan Harmon, Zachary Heyboer, Sgt. William Osteen and Detective Elizabeth Wegienka will remain on leave as the Georgia Bureau of Investigation conducts their investigation.

“The video is self-explanatory,” Major told the LaGrange Daily News. “It depicts some very vile and disgusting comments. But, we will allow the West Point Police Department to do a thorough investigation to determine what’s the appropriate response to such by them. And we will deal with that response.”

Watch the video below or at this link.