Georgia's Lt Governor admits some provisions of voter suppression bill were 'insensitive and not timely'

On CNN Monday, Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, a conservative Republican, admitted that some parts of the controversial GOP election bill that has been cast as a new Jim Crow law were a bad idea.

"One thing that Stacey Abrams raised was the issue of the legislature," said anchor Erin Burnett. "I want to ask you, because the law removes the Secretary of State as chairman of the Board of Elections. We all remember Brad Raffensperger ... [he] refused to overturn the state's election results. But in the legislature, which is now going to get that authority, at least six state legislators called for a special session to overturn the results of the 2020 election. And they, in this law, have the power to appoint the majority of the election board. So are you worried about this? That the law gives the legislature too much power?"

"Yeah," said Duncan. "I had spoken as loud as I possibly could against trying to go to a special session. I think I did it with you several times. I am also not supportive of taking punitive steps against Brad Raffensberger, who did nothing wrong except for becoming the president's scapegoat — the former president's scapegoat — in this situation. I thought that was a punitive move that didn't necessarily make any difference. But look, there is a number of things in this bill that I think are commonsense measures, and some that I didn't necessarily think was the right time to do it."

"This is a timing issue, too," said Duncan. "Look, there's other states that have more cumbersome election laws than we do, but it's just the timing of this. It would be like a professional sports team being on a long losing streak, and the next day raising their ticket prices. It just doesn't sound and feel like the right timing on some of these things."

"Which is the thing that you found most problematic in the bill, Lieutenant Governor?" asked Burnett.

"For me, it was the steps around Brad Raffensperger and ... getting him off the elections board," said Duncan. "And secondly, there's two sides to the food and water in line and the technicalities of it, I just thought the timing was insensitive and not timely."

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Geoff Duncan admits parts of Georgia voting law were "insensitive and not timely"