Georgia county to close all but one polling place in name of making voting 'easier and more accessible'
Voters line up at a polling place. (Image via Shutterstock)

Lincoln County, Georgia is closing down all but one of its election polling places in a move that is supposedly about making voting "easier and more accessible."

The Augusta Chronicle reports that of the seven polling places in Lincoln County that were open in the 2020 election, six will be shut down.

In a press release justifying the move, county officials said that they believed centralizing voting into a single location would make it easier to vote, while also eliminating the need to transport voting equipment to multiple locations.

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But Denise Freeman, an activist and former Lincoln County school board member, told the Augusta Chronicle that this explanation is laughable on its face.

“Lincoln County is a very rural county," she told the paper. "Some people live as far as 23 miles from the city of Lincolnton. This is not about convenience for the citizens. This is about control. This is about the good old boys wanting to do what they’ve always done, which is power and control.”

The drastic reduction in polling places was made possible by a law passed by Georgia's GOP-controlled legislature earlier this year that eliminated the Lincoln County Board of Elections.