'How dare you?' Shouting match erupts on Fox News after Geraldo Rivera says Trump 'incited' insurrection
Fox News/screen grab

Fox News contributors Geraldo Rivera and Leo Terrell strongly disagreed on Thursday over President Donald Trump's role in inciting the deadly Capitol Hill insurrection.

During a discussion about the siege, Rivera argued that National Guard troops should be allowed to protect the nation's capitol for the next month.

Terrell, however, claimed that Democrats are using federal troops as "props" prior to Trump's second impeachment trial.

For his part, Rivera urged the Senate to censure Trump instead of holding an impeachment trial that he said is likely to fail.

"With this vote yesterday, it's clear that 45 Republicans are not going to go along with impeachment," Rivera explained. "What the Senate has to do is a joint bipartisan resolution to censure Donald Trump. Let's censure him. Let's say what you did was unacceptable. You incited that."

"Come on!" Terrell exclaimed. "How dare you blame Donald Trump for that. We have a rule of law. We have due process."

"Because I have eyes," Rivera replied.

"For you to come on here and say that he was responsible is wrong!" Terrell continued. "You should not say that and you should apologize to President Trump for that statement. You have no facts to justify that!"

"President Trump needs to apologize to us," Rivera countered.

"No! You're wrong!" Terrell shot back. "I think you should review the First Amendment again because I'll ask you right now on TV, tell me the words, the magic words that he used to incite those criminals. Tell me the magic words right now, Geraldo."

"I'll give you three weeks of incitement," Rivera said. "What in the hell do you think that crowd was going to do when they got to the Capitol? What were they going to do?"

Watch the video below from Fox News.