It's 'absurd' to think Ginni Thomas didn't share conspiracy theories with her husband: Watergate prosecutor
Clarence and Ginni Thomas (Facebook)

On Thursday's edition of MSNBC's "The ReidOut," former Watergate prosecutor Nick Akerman reacted to Ginni Thomas' testimony — and the news that she reportedly is still committed to former President Donald Trump's election lies.

"This woman has been a longtime right-wing activist, and she seemed to have been actively involved including emailing her husband's former clerk, John Eastman," said anchor Joy Reid. "What do you make of all of it, and what do you think the probative value of talking to her might have been?"

"It's hard to say what the probative value is going to be," said Akerman. "My big question is, who asked her to call these legislators in Wisconsin and Arizona to get them to basically vote in these fake Trump electors? You know, that's my big question. That's the part that is really concerning. She could not have done that on her own. It's hard to believe that she was acting as a free agent there."

"And the other big concern, obviously, is that she's a wife of a Supreme Court justice," said Akerman. "And Clarence Thomas, while she was doing all this, he was the one dissenting vote when the January 6th Committee was trying to get all of Trump's records from the White House that were at the Archives ... you have a real conflict of interest here. It's just very unusual. I can't remember any situation in the Court where a spouse has taken a political view that's basically right on the money with her husband, and they both claim they never talk about this stuff. which I find completely absurd."

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"Is it possible that somebody like John Eastman would collaborate with a Supreme Court justice's wife, to what end?" asked Reid. "Do you think this could have been because they thought that eventually the election might end up in the Supreme Court?"

"I think they were certainly trying to do that," said Akerman. "They were trying to get it into the courts, even though every court knocked them down. Look, she probably had a fairly close relationship with Eastman beforehand. I mean, the judges always have yearly events with their clerks. Clerks that clerked for somebody in the past, they always keep in touch with their judge. And I'm sure she met him in the course of that. Birds of a feather flock together. They're both crazy, in that sense. So it doesn't surprise me that they would be feeding off each other. And it doesn't surprise me that they would be talking. And the real question is, how much influence does she have on what Clarence Thomas is writing on the Supreme Court, and what was she doing talking to legislators in this criminal conspiracy to try to get fake electors for Trump elected in Wisconsin and Arizona? That is the key question."

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Nick Akerman on Ginni Thomas testimony