‘Like a shadow government’: The View goes off on Ginni Thomas after ex-Trump aide details her White House meddling
Gage Skimore

The New York Times expose on Ginni Thomas, wife to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, revealed that among other things, Mrs. Thomas would have lunches with President Donald Trump at the White House. Speaking to "The View" on Thursday, former Trump aide Stephanie Grisham said that the staff would always scramble when they found out that she was coming because they knew that afterward, heads were going to roll.

"I think the more important thing is — what I do know is that at that time we would all be scrambling to do damage control knowing that once she left he would be telling us who needed to be fired, who was a Never Trumper in the White House or the administration, who was in the deep state because she would come with a list of people who should be fired," said Grisham.

She went on to say that Mrs. Thomas would also dictate who should be hired by Trump.

"There were people who would not have gotten through vetting for the most part," Grisham continued. "It was that game we always played where we were, like, 'Yes, sir, we're working into that.' And we would hope he would forget and we would work really hard to try to save and not let a lot of these really good people who were fired or not [be] fired."

Grisham also said that the recent Washington Post interview with Trump revealed that he so frequently brags about how all powerful he was as a president, but when it comes to Jan. 6, suddenly he's claiming Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was in charge. It's a similar thing that George Conway noticed in the piece as well.

"He had several people coming in asking him, begging him, pleading with him, and I'll say one thing about the call logs," Grisham revealed. "This is my own personal opinion. I think there weren't very many calls because he didn't want to take any. He didn't want to hear from the people. He didn't want to hear from the people saying —"

"Go away phones," Whoopi Goldberg cut in as Grisham agreed. Goldberg also wondered what Trump thought when he saw the gallows erected on the lawn of Congress.

"Well, it was hang Mike Pence, right?" Sunny Hostin asked.

"No one was coming to say we're going to kill Trump, but they were going to get Pelosi. Why was Pelosi going to come out with security and say, this is my watch?" said Sara Haines.

"It's all scapegoats," Grisham said, noting that it's part of the tactics that Trump uses to dodge accountability for anything.

"And I'm still so fascinated that a Supreme Court justice's wife has that much access to another branch of government," Hostin returned to the Ginni Thomas information. "The executive branch. And I'm fascinated by the fact that she had so much power that she could give him lists making demands. I mean, it's like a shadow government, truly."

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Ginni Thomas is the real shadow government www.youtube.com

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