'What a buffoon': Rudy Giuliani ridiculed after proclaiming himself a 'moderate biblical scholar'
Rudy Giuliani / Gage Skidmore.

Former New York City Mayor and erstwhile television defense counsel to Ex-President Donald Trump Rudy Giuliani claimed on a podcast early this week that he is a "biblical scholar" because he watched a couple of movies about Jesus Christ.

Giuliani made his declaration after expressing bewilderment over a popular annual cinema ceremony.

"Oscar?" Giuliani asked.

"Oh, the Oscars," the host replied, to no avail.

"Oh, it's the O – oh, it's a family. What, what are, it's a gas, it's a, some big thing happened last night that I am called Oscar," Giuliani reiterated.

"It's called the Oscars. It's an award show. It's a big, big to do in Hollywood," the man stated.

Giuliani was uninterested, instead pivoting to how he spent that evening.

"Last night, last night, I, I watched 'Chosen,' which I recommend to everyone to watch before Easter. It's about the life of Jesus Christ. It is – people who are very Orthodox, either Catholic or Protestant, might be somewhat offended by – it's not being biblically one-hundreds percent accurate, but it is not in any way offensive. It's not like, you know, 'The Last Temptation of Christ' or anything like that," Giuliani opined.

"And its fictionalism is from my point of view as a, as a moderate biblical scholar – moderate, I say moderate – but uh, but more a religious scholar, which I am, uh, I would say it's fair interpretation," he continued. "But in any event, I was watching that and they, they said there was this thing on Oscar, but nobody I knew was watching it."

Social media had a field day responding to Giuliani's bizarre statements.

MHeido: "Giuliani, being from a good Italian family, considered the priesthood earlier in life. Thrice divorced Rudy knows the Bible, he just doesn't live by it so much."

Raymond J. Mollica: "He used to be able to call himself an attorney, so good for him on his lateral promotion. Let's see how long this lasts."

The Meme Guy: "'Oscar? Oh, it's The Os... Oh, it's a family! Wha-what are Osc.. Some big thing happened last night that I am called Oscar.' Oscar Giuliani, ladies and gentlemen!"

Frances Langum: "Sure, he turns wine into water every damn day."

Kelly Cooper: "This is, verbatim, a perfect encapsulation of conservative American discourse on the arts."

BobbyB: "Good lord what a buffoon. I watched MSNBC's Truth Isn't Truth last night."