Right-wing crowdfunding site hosts neo-Nazi project to create whites-only community in Maine
Chris Pohlhuas/Twitter

GiveSendGo, the right-wing website that bills itself as the "#1 FreeChristian Fundraising Site," is hosting a funding project by neo-Nazi activist Christopher Polhaus to create an all-white community in Maine, reported VICE News on Thursday.

The website, which has previously come under fire for letting the extremist group the Proud Boys raise millions on their platform, was notified Polhaus is trying to finance and recruit for a white nationalist scheme, but he remains up as of press time, reported Ben Makuch.

"Pohlhaus served in the Marines for four years in the 2000s and gained prominence among the far-right when he promoted a countrywide and racist banner drop on the first anniversary of George Floyd’s murder," said the report. "Pohlhaus then planned a migration among some of his followers to turn Maine into an all-white ethnostate. He took the cause to GiveSendGo, where Pohlhaus began to raise money for a homestead in a remote part of the state that could one day serve as a community and a place where his group can 'train.'"

According to the report, Polhaus has used his Telegram channel to strategize with extremists over how to paralyze the U.S. economy with targeted sniper attacks on truckers. He also has ties to Riley June Williams, a January 6 attacker who broke into the office of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), and a neo-Nazi cell in England founded by a member of a designated terrorist group. Earlier this year, he and his self-proclaimed "tribe" showed up armed at a child-friendly drag event in Akron, Ohio, where he and his supporters reportedly gave Nazi salutes and chanted "There will be blood!"

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Polhaus' Maine compound fundraiser has earned a little over $2,000, according to the report, along with 23 "prayers" — an option for GiveSendGo contributors. Much of it comes from "two large donations over $800 each," according to the report.

"In its terms of service, GiveSendGo states it doesn’t tolerate 'discrimination or hatred against individuals or groups based on race, ethnic origin.' Pohlhaus has a giant Swastika tattoo on his chest and frequently makes racist and antisemitic comments," noted the report. However, GiveSendGo has not responded to questions about why they are allowing this campaign on their site, other than a representative of the company telling reporters, “I have sent your request to the proper team member and they will reach out to you when they have the opportunity.”