Fox News host puts Glenn Greenwald on the spot: 'Why did you sell out and become a right-winger?'
Fox News/screen grab

In an interview on Fox News, journalist Glenn Greenwald insisted that he was not a "sell-out" to the conservative movement.

Howard Kurtz, the host of the Fox News Media Buzz program, interviewed Greenwald on Sunday about his shift from appearing on traditional media outlets a decade ago.

"You get that a lot," Kurtz noted of the criticism. "'I loved you as a left-winger. Why did you sell out and become a right-winger?' What's the larger message about journalism when you hear those kinds of critiques."

Greenwald, however, insisted that it was his former fans who had changed.

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"Certain alliances form, and ideas about what constitutes left and right get defined," Greenwald opined. "And as those issues change, as power centers transform, the alliances shift. Um, you know, I haven't really changed any of my core views at all."

"You can go back to 2010 and hear me say exactly the same things I'm saying now, but I used to say them on CNN and MSNBC, and now I more often say them on Fox," he continued. "I think that's because on questions like war, on the security state, on corporate power, in international institutions, a lot of the opposition and skepticism has come more from the right."

He added: "That was Donald Trump's 2016 campaign against Republican and Democratic establishments."

Watch the video below from Fox News or at the link.