New Virginia governor launches tip line to report teachers for 'divisive' subjects

New Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin is begging Virginia parents to call his tip line to report teachers for teaching "divisive" subjects. While they called it a tip line, the office only revealed an email the press release:

According to the Washington Post, the number hasn't been up long enough for activists to clog the line. When former President Donald Trump put up a tip line over voter fraud, he wasn't able to capture any actual cases of voter fraud, but the young conservative staffers were "traumatized" by obscene phone calls and pornographic imagery coming into the online reporting site.

"We’re asking for folks to send us reports and observations," Youngkin said, "help us be aware of … their child being denied their rights that parents have in Virginia, and we’re going to make sure we catalogue it all. … And that gives us further, further ability to make sure we’re rooting it out."

Youngkin admitted in a Fox interview that "critical race theory" isn't being taught anywhere in Virginia, despite making it a key component of his 2021 campaign.

Daily Beast reporter salary Matt Fuller, taking the word "divisive" literally, couldn't help but joke that he expects many reports on math teachers over multiplication.