MSNBC’s Morning Joe bursts into laughter as GOP’s private loathing for Trump slips into view
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough mocked Donald Trump for getting locked out of Glenn Youngkin's campaign in the final days of the Virginia gubernatorial race.

Youngkin did not take part in a last-minute campaign call Monday night with Trump, who Democrat Terry McAuliffe has mentioned more than his GOP rival during the tightly contested race, and the "Morning Joe" host said that illustrates the private loathing Republicans feel for the twice-impeached one-term president they publicly fear.

"Make no mistake, many people in the media and many people on Twitter talking about what a nightmare it would be if Donald Trump ran for president in 2024, the only people more worried about that are Republicans, who want Trump off the stage, want him gone," Scarborough said. "The rank and file like him, they're still like him, 50 percent of the rank and file still want him to run but, make no mistake of it, we've been saying it for five years, everybody you've seen on our show that talked to Republicans on Capitol Hill and across the country, off the record, in official capacity, all say the same thing, that Donald Trump is bad for their party. They're scared of him publicly but they loathe him privately."

"People like Youngkin, they kept Donald Trump in a tiny little box," he added. "Youngkin let Trump call in on a phone line to talk, Youngkin was not even there. He's embarrassed with Donald Trump and he's ashamed of have Trump associated with him. He just thrown him to the side of the road of this general election and let him call into some supporters. The press was not allowed to go into because Youngkin knows. If Donald Trump shows up in Virginia, he loses."

Scarborough and the other panelists laughed as he described the lockbox in which Youngkin had placed Trump.

"Youngkin put Donald Trump in a lockbox, and Donald Trump has remained in the Youngkin's lockbox throughout the general election campaign," Scarborough said. "It's remarkable how tiny that lockbox is, it's so tiny he only let him and they put a phone right up to the lockbox last night in Mar-A-Lago and let Donald Trump speak. They talked to a couple of people in Virginia from his locked box. Remarkably enough, Youngkin was not even there. I'll tell you what, I would never let anyone treat me that way."

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