Trump's GOP using threats of violence to 'influence future elections' and 'that should frighten us': DC insider

Michael Gerson, a former speechwriter for President George W. Bush, warned on CNN that the Trump-controlled Republican Party is using threats of violence as a means to influence future elections.

In an interview with host John Berman, Gerson expanded on a recent Washington Post column in which he argued that "American politics is being conducted under the threat of violence" from Trump supporters.

"It's a column I never thought I'd have to write," he said. "I've been in and around Republican politics for a few decades... We saw Liz Cheney accuse the [former] president of the United States of using violence as a political tool in American politics. This is really extraordinary, unprecedented."

Gerson then explained the potentially dire implications this has for future elections, particularly if Trump were to run again in 2024.

"Some of that is just the way that Trump conducts himself -- I mean, he has created, essentially, a discourse around violence," Gerson said. "But some of it also seems to be a strategy to influence future elections, with a kind of authoritarian populism, and that really should frighten all of us."

Watch the video below.

Trump GOP uses threats of violence to 'influence future elections' and 'that should frighten us'