20-year-old MAGA lawmaker's anti-Antifa bill went down in flames after he got 'out of control' during meeting

A 20-year-old Trump-loving Montana lawmaker saw his dreams of designating antifa as a domestic terrorist group go down in flames after he allegedly "misbehaved" at a meeting.

The Daily Beast reports that Montana state Rep. Braxton Mitchell floated a resolution to label antifa a domestic terror organization that initially garnered support within the state legislature.

However, Republicans who initially cosponsored Mitchell's resolution abruptly pulled their support after he delivered a disastrous defense of his bill during a committee meeting.

During the meeting, Mitchell admitted that he didn't consult with any law enforcement officials before drafting his proposal, and he then admitted that he lied about the bill being "bipartisan" when no Democrats had signed onto it.

"He misbehaved," Republican Rep. Larry Brewster told the Daily Beast. "He got a little out of control in committee and I think most of the co-sponsors pulled out then. I suspect the co-sponsors pulled out as a way to censure him."

Mitchell is an alum of Turning Point USA, a youth group of young conservatives known for their embrace of Trump and other far-right politicians.