'Not a parody': Trump-loving GOP candidate blasted for 'openly violent' campaign ad with Jan. 6 'subtext'
Mike Collins (screen shot)

Republican Mike Collins, who's running for Congress in Georgia, released a campaign ad Monday that shows him blowing up a box of papers representing "Pelosi's plan" with a semi-automatic rifle, before using a gun to shoot a mock "RINO" — or "Republican in name only" — in the head.

"I'm going to Washington to stop the Pelosi agenda, and you're not going to silence me," Collins says in the ad, after blowing up the box with papers that apparently represent "Pelosi's plan for America." He then steps on a smoldering piece of paper with those words on it.

Collins, a truck driver, is then shown getting in the cab of his tractor-trailer and driving down the road, crashing through a sign that says "THE SWAMP."

"Conservatives have gotten steamrolled thanks to spineless politicians for far too long, and it's time to fight back," Collins says.

"If you think I'm just going to fight the Democrats, think again, because in the Swamp, it's 'RINO' season too," he adds, before shooting a depiction of a rhinoceros in the head.

Later in the ad, Collins again stares down the scope of the semi-automatic rifle, saying he'll fight for "a limited federal government" before firing multiple rounds.

"I'm a conservative, pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Trump, God-fearing truck driver, and I'm not afraid to say I was pro-Trump from day one," Collins says in the ad. "I believe in the Constitution, and that the founding fathers got it right the first time. I will fight like hell to secure our elections, defend our Constitution and stop the immigration invasion. ... Washington needs an overhaul, and we the people are taking our country back."

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