Colorado Republicans already struggling before 2022 election: report
Lauren Boebert in Colorado. (Photo via Jason Connolly/AFP)

According to a report from Axios, Republican leaders in Colorado are cringing at their prospects in the 2022 midterms as voters flee the party making a 'Republican rebound" after the 2020 election appear to be out of reach.

The report notes that, as of February, voters who describe themselves as unaffiliated totals 43 percent with Republicans coming in a distant third at 27 percent.

According to the report, Colorado Republicans -- whose most prominent lawmaker is controversial Rep. Lauren Boebert -- may have their backs against the wall, in part because "To win in Colorado, candidates need to win over unaffiliated voters, but they split 60-40 toward Democrats."

According to Chris Griswold, a Democratic consultant, "All things being equal, the electorate looks much better than it did in 2018 for Democrats."

He added, "I don't think 2022 is going to be competitive in Colorado."

GOP campaign consultant Josh Penry tried to put a positive spin on Republican voter losses in the state, saying, "Yes, it's bad for Republicans but the notion that everything is hunky dory for the Democratic Party belies the facts."

The report adds, "Beyond a demonstration of party enthusiasm, the fact Democrats can claim 125,000 more voters gives them a baked-in advantage."

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