'Simply insane': GOP House member slams South Carolina Republicans promoting ivermectin
CSpan screenshot

According to a report from the Sun News, Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC) took to Facebook late Friday to slam Republican Party officials in Horry County after they endorsed ivermectin -- an anti-parasitic drug -- for the treatment of Covid-19 symptoms.

The report notes that, at a Monday meeting in Myrtle Beach, officials from the Horry County Republican Party shared a video of member Tracy Diaz speaking with a nurse about possible Covid -19 preventative treatments that included the drug usually prescribed for animals except in special cases.

According to the Sun News, "During the interview, Diaz said her young son had contracted COVID-19 and that she believed her family's daily routine of nasal sprays and mouthwash gargles, plus taking ivermectin, helped prevent others in her family from getting sick.

"Doing that ... along with a prophylactic post-exposure dose of ivermectin on day one of my son's symptomatic infection and 48 hours later prevented me and my entire family ... from contracting COVID-19 from my son," Diaz reportedly said.

Hearing about the event, Rice responded on Facebook and lashed out at party members for being irresponsible.

"That the leaders of the Horry County Republican Party believe it is appropriate to advocate for medical treatment for any illness is simply insane. Especially in the middle of a plague, and in opposition to the guidance of the Center for Disease Control, the National Institute of Health, and 95% of the Physicians in the country. Folks, talk to your doctor if you want medical advice," he wrote.

"This is not about politics. I know too many people that have died from this disease. Every doctor I know says get vaccinated," he added.

You can see his Facebook post below: