RNC's McDaniel tries to claim credit for Juneteenth holiday -- and it doesn't go well
Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel (screengrab)

Republican National Committee head Ronna McDaniel sent out an appreciation of the new Juneteenth federal holiday signed into reality by President Joe Biden and attempted to give all the credit to the GOP because Republican President Abraham Lincoln was the one behind the Emancipation Proclamation.

Her Twitter comments were not well received.

According to the woman who reports to the party that is trying to suppress Black voters and has used complaints critical race theory as their latest right-wing dog-whistle, "The Republican Party will always be proudly connected to #Juneteenth because of President Lincoln's leadership, and we enthusiastically welcome its adoption as our newest national holiday after President Trump called for it last year."

She added, "Mindful of the special importance Juneteenth has for Black Americans, it should also be a source of pride for Republicans and every American."

As one commenter suggested to McDaniel, "sit this one out."

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