GOP nominee for governor was registered to vote in NJ until last year – while a state senator in Pennsylvania: report
Donald Trump and Doug Mastriano / Mastriano campaign

Pennsylvania Republican state Senator Doug Mastriano is his party's gubernatorial nominee but was registered to vote in New Jersey for 28 years, until July of 2021, according to the New Jersey Globe.

"Records show that Mastriano voted from his family’s Hightstown home from 1982, when he turned 18, through the 2010 general election. He remained on the voter rolls until a sample ballot was returned roughly six months after the death of his mother last year," the Globe reports.

Mastriano, who was first elected to the Pennsylvania state Senate in 2019, is a white Christian nationalist and Trump devotee who in the days before the 2021 insurrection was videotaped leading a group in prayer, asking God that the MAGA movement would overthrow the federal government, praying they would “seize the power” and “rise up” on January 6.

"It appears that Mastriano never notified Mercer County that he had left the state permanently and the U.S. Postal Service continued to deliver sample ballots to his family home in Hightstown," the Globe adds. "After his mother died in January 2021, Mastriano’s sample ballot for last year’s primary election was returned to election officials with a handwritten note: 'Return to sender. Moved to PA.'"

The Globe's report also notes that "As a Pennsylvania congressional candidate in 2018, he said he opposed same-sex marriage. After his election to the State Senate in a 2019 special election, he opposed a plan to ban conversion therapy."

"Look," On Democracy podcast host Fred Wellman tweeted, "people move to new states to run all the time. But Doug Mastriano lived in PA starting in 2012 and kept his New Jersey residency even as he ran for Congress in 2018 and State Senate in 2019 in PENNSYLVANIA! He literally didn't vote for himself! Just bizarre judgement."