GOP slate in Arizona slammed as ‘four horses of the apocalypse’ by columnist
Mark Finchem / Gage Skidmore

One day before the 2022 midterms, the Republican Party slate in Arizona was criticized by prominent local columnist Laurie Roberts.

"It seems fitting, somehow, that that the fate of Arizona will be decided on the night in which there is a full moon," Roberts wrote for The Arizona Republic. "Sixteen centuries ago, Hippocrates wrote that 'one who is seized with terror, fright and madness during the night is being visited by the goddess of the moon.' I’m pretty sure he was describing election night in Arizona"

As her newspaper reported on Thursday, there will also be a total lunar eclipse visible in Arizona before polling stations open.

"Because unless independent voters get out and vote on Tuesday, we’re in danger of being overrun by the four horses of the apocalypse – a posse that may well ride into power on an ill wind of kooky conspiracy theories and outright insanity," Roberts wrote.

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She then went off to offer her election-eve thoughts on Republican nominee for governor Kari Lake, Senate hopeful Blake Masters, attorney general candidate Abe Hamadeh, and Mark Finchem, the GOP's Secretary of State nominee.

"There is Kari Lake, who is hoping to govern the state based upon her vast experience reading a TV teleprompter," she wrote. "Galloping in Lake’s wake is Blake Masters, a venture capitalist who rose to prominence on the shoulders of Peter Thiel, the tech billionaire who once wrote that giving women the right to vote was a blow to 'capitalist democracy.'"

Roberts also examined two down-ballot GOP nominees.

"There is Abe Hamadeh, a 2016 law school graduate who duped Trump into endorsing him for attorney general by getting his brother to briefly loan him a million bucks so as to look like a player," she wrote. "Then there is Mark Finchem, a backbench legislator who has never met an election conspiracy that he didn’t promote. It’s beyond absurd that this guy – who has spent the last two years calling for Arizona’s election to be decertified based upon a Maricopa County election audit that actually confirmed Joe Biden’s slim margin of victory – could wind up overseeing the 2024 election in a key swing state."

She noted the state may have a Plan B.

"There is one saving grace for our beloved state should independents, by their inaction, deliver this swing state into the hands of Trump's MAGA slate," she wrote. "In 18th century England, people on trial for murder could ask for a lighter sentence on grounds of lunacy if their crime occurred under a full moon. Think that could work for 21st century Arizona?"

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