Trump’s allies are trying to convince him not to announce his 2024 bid tonight: report
Trump gestures as he addresses a press conference at the Lotte Palace Hotel. (

News reports circulated this weekend claiming that insiders say Donald Trump is planning to announce a 2024 presidential run as early as Monday night.

Sources speaking to The Hill said Trump has been mulling an announcement during a Monday night rally in Ohio, which is ostensibly intended to boost support for GOP Senate candidate JD Vance ahead of Tuesday’s midterm elections.

But according to The Daily Mail's Liz Elkind, some Republicans are trying to get Trump to ditch his alleged plan to announce his bid.

"Trump 'wants to announce' a 2024 bid tonight 'to take credit' for Republicans’ expected victory in the midterms tomorrow, a Trumpworld source told me 'But there are people asking him to hold back,'" Elkind tweeted.

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“What they will try to tell him is, ‘you don’t want to be on the hook if we have some surprise loses,'" Elkind quoted the source as saying. “My line of thinking and others’ in the other camp say, look. He’s someone who doesn’t back down. He’s someone who always follows his instincts, and if his instincts…”

Speculation a Trump announcement is starting heighten, especially after Trump told attendees of previous rallies supporters to keep an eye on the Ohio rally.

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