Oregon counties vote ‘yes’ on secession from state: report
Map of "Greater Idaho" proposal / Citizens for Greater Idaho

The secessionist movement by conservative Oregon counties seeking to join Idaho continues to gather steam.

"Residents in Morrow County and Wheeler County have voted in favor of a measure related to moving the state line between Oregon and Idaho, joining nine previous eastern Oregon counties to vote in support of 'Greater Idaho," KPTV reported. "The Oregon Secretary of State website shows on Wednesday afternoon that of 800 votes in Wheeler County, 58% were in favor, and of the 3,837 votes in Morrow County, 60% were in favor."

Harney County joined the movement in the 2021 election, joining, "Lake, Grant, Baker, Malheur, Union, Sherman, and Jefferson

According to the group pushing the idea, Citizens for Greater Idaho, there are now 11 counties that have supported the idea at the ballot box: Baker, Grant, Harney, Klamath, Jefferson, Lake, Malheur, Morrow, Sherman, Union, and Wheeler. The group says Wallowa will vote next.

KPTV noted, "like many of the previous votes, the measures approved on Tuesday did not directly address moving the state border."

There are significant procedural steps to allow the proposal to occur.

"For 'Greater Idaho' to become a reality, the state legislatures of both Oregon and Idaho would need to approve of the change, and that approval would then also need to be approved by Congress," KPTV reported. "Additionally, Idaho’s state constitution in Article XVII sets the name and boundaries of the state, which would need a state-wide vote to amend."

Citizens for Greater Idaho leader Mike McCarter released a statement following the vote.

“We call on the Legislature to let each half of the state go their separate ways in peace," McCarter said. "If western Oregon doesn’t like the risk of being forced to accept the gubernatorial candidate it voted against, then it should simply stop holding our counties captive in this unhappy marriage. Actually, it’s not even as dramatic as a divorce because we’re not breaking up a family."

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