Morning Joe drops the hammer on Greg Abbott for 'bullying' Texas businesses
Greg Abbott is off to a rocky start to relations with Joe Biden's White House. - Smiley N. Pool/The Dallas Morning News/TNS

On Tuesday morning, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough hammered Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for banning business owners from mandating vaccines for their employees.

The Republican governor expanded prior orders from his office to prohibit any entity, including private business owners, from requiring employees or customers to be vaccinated, and the "Morning Joe" host called that move "insanity."

"He's talking about bullying, Joe Biden is not bullying businesses into vaccine mandates," Scarborough said, "Greg Abbott is bullying family businesses and entrepreneurs, people that drive not only the Texas economy but the American economy for doing what they think is best for their own private enterprise. It means it's private that the government should not be able to comment and tell people how to run their business in a way that actually hurts their business."

"I think the craziest example of this was Ron DeSantis several months ago told cruise lines they couldn't require vaccine mandates, they let anybody on with or without a vaccine," Scarborough added. "It was just a business disaster, forget the health care disaster. I know these people don't care about people's health the way they act. Think about just the business, the crisis that they're causing. If you are a small business and if you work with your family your entire life to keep a small business open to make payroll every two week, dealing with all the things you have to deal with, and then you have a governor saying you can't protect yourself, your family and workers and customers the way you want to protect yourself? That's insanity. There is nothing conservative about that, that is radical. I don't know if that's socialist or if it's fascist, but it sure isn't conservative."

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