'A stunt that blew up in your face': Reporters grill Greg Abbott over widely criticized border inspection policy

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's decision to order additional cargo inspections at the U.S.-Mexico border to protest against the Biden administration's immigration policies has drawn criticism even from many Texas Republicans, as it resulted in a massive slowdown in truck deliveries.

Speaking with reporters on Wednesday, Abbott faced a grilling over whether he regretted his decision to order the additional inspections.

"What would you say to your critics who say that the policy that you put forward last week was a publicity stunt that blew up in your face?" he asked.

Abbott replied that his "goal" was to show people "the consequences of an open border."

"Texas isn't going to tolerate it anymore!" Abbott said.

Abbott later bragged about Texas being the top state in America for business and dismissed the concerns of people "who may have suffered some hardship because it took a few extra hours to get something across the port."

What's more, Abbott said that such people agreed with him about stopping "the open-border policies of the Biden administration."

Watch the video below.

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