Greg Abbott is ‘embarrassing’: Former Trump spokeswoman says ‘Texas needs a new governor’
Greg Abbott on Facebook.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is facing discontent as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis capturing attention for the Sunshine State.

On Monday, Newsweek published a column by David Reaboi, a fellow at the far-right Claremont Institute titled, "Ron DeSantis Welcomes You to Florida, America's New Texas."

"By last week, when Governor Ron DeSantis gave his State of the State Address in Tallahassee, Florida had already eclipsed Texas as the most energetic, forward-looking red state in America, having captured the imagination of hundreds of thousands of conservatives who have flocked here—and millions in other states and countries who are watching, often jealously, from afar," he wrote. "DeSantis' insistence on protecting normal life in Florida through the COVID insanity of the last two years has distinguished him in American politics."

Former Donald Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson tweeted a link to the column.

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"Embarrassing!" Pierson declared.

"Texas needs a new Governor. That’s why I’m voting for ⁦[Don Huffines]⁩ to make Texas #1 again," Pierson wrote.

On Monday, Huffines' campaign announced it has raised over $12 million and describes him as "an actual Republican."

The message was echoed on the front page of his campaign website.

"Our RINO leadership is watching Texas turn blue. Texans deserve a real leader who delivers actual results rather than lies. We will finish the wall, secure our elections, and ban vaccine mandates," the website reads.

Huffines has also vowed to "end abortion," demanded Abbott defy a federal judge, complained about critical race theory and "leftist indoctrination" at UT-Austin, and demanded an audit of the 2020 vote in Texas.

Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis retweeted Pierson's push for Huffines.

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