Texas Gov. Greg Abbott flatly denies viral claims about threats to Uvalde victim's family
Greg Abbott speaking at FreePac, hosted by FreedomWorks, in Phoenix, Arizona in 2021. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

Gov. Greg Abbott's office denied a viral claim that his staffers tried to coerce a Uvalde massacre victim's family into supporting a pro-firearms message, and the person who posted the allegations backed away from their claims.

The Daily Beast contacted the person who controls the account @MyCancerJourne3 to ask about the tweets, and the individual claimed they had been hacked and were trying to remove the posts -- which have been shared more than 32,000 times.

“This is completely false,” said a spokesman for Abbott. “No truth to it whatsoever.”

The tweets claimed the person's nephew had been killed in the Robb Elementary School shooting, and alleged the governor's representatives followed them home and offered to pay them to stand alongside Abbott to say stronger gun laws were unnecessary.

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The person then claimed the representative threatened criminal charges if they spoke about the encounter and made menacing comments after they profanely rebuffed the offer.

Other Twitter users pointed out that same account had made previous claims about being the victim of personal tragedies, and it appears to be linked to a Washington State man whose Facebook page was deleted soon after The Daily Beast reached out to him, and he told the publication that someone had hacked his social media accounts.

“Somebody somehow got into my account,” the man said. “It's got nothing to do with me or my family in any way.”

The Twitter account has previously solicited financial assistance for colon cancer treatments, as well as claiming to have suffered strokes, being placed in a medically induced coma and receiving approval for assisted suicide -- all of which the Washington man insisted was true.