Shocking video shows store clerk beating a Black man who was having a seizure

A North Carolina convenience store clerk has been arrested after a video surfaced showing him beating a customer with a stick who was having a seizure, local news outlet WRAL reports.

According to the family of 56-year-old Gregory Evans, when he entered the store, he began having a seizure and was confronted by the clerk. The clerk then began beating Evans with a stick, telling him to get out of the store. As the clerk strikes him with the stick, Evan seems to be incapacitated and then tries to steady himself on the counter.

The clerk, 68-year-old Sobhi Hassan, was arrested by the Rocky Mount Police Department this week and charged with simple assault.

Protesters who gathered at the store say the employees have behaved in "a negative and discriminatory way" toward their community for years, and that the video was the final straw.

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“The video was horrible to look at, to see a person treated less than a human being,” said Rocky Mount resident Bronson Williams.

“This community is lacking banking activity, this community is lacking a pharmacy, this community is lacking educational opportunities as well, so there’s so much that could really go on here,” Williams said. “We’ve got to restore value back here in this community, so that people can know that they do matter.”

Watch WRAL's report on the story below: