'Gross abuse of power': Dem slams GOP for using hearing to push debunked lies
Dan Goldman addresses members of the media at his campaign’s primary election night watch party in 2022. (Shutterstock.com)

Rep. Dan Goldman (D-NY), a key Democrat on the House Oversight Committee, demolished Republican lies about President Joe Biden's involvement in Ukraine with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Wednesday, following a controversial hearing in which Republicans tried to baselessly allege FBI involvement in Twitter's erroneous decision to suppress a New York Post story about emails on Hunter Biden's laptop in 2020.

That laptop story was used by Republicans to bolster the theory that Biden and his son were financially profiting off dealings in Ukraine, particularly involving a company known as Burisma, and that Biden, as vice president in the Obama administration, forced the resignation of that country's prosecutor-general to prevent those ties from being investigated — which, as Goldman noted in the hearing early in the day, has been debunked repeatedly.

"How much of an effect do you think your pushback will have?" asked Cooper. "What you were saying — what you went on to say is that what then-Vice President Biden was doing is in line with policy and European nation efforts were to have that Ukrainian prosecutor removed because he was not actually prosecuting corruption."

"Yes," said Goldman. "What is really dangerous about this is that the Republicans have made it very clear that they are on a mission to destroy Hunter Biden in every way they can. Hunter Biden is a civilian. He is the son of a president. Unless there's some link to President Biden and any misconduct, then this is a gross abuse of power by this committee for political purposes. It's a waste of taxpayer dollars. It's outside of the jurisdiction of the committee."

And the fact of the matter, Goldman continued, is that "there is no link."

Even if you give the Republicans the benefit of the doubt, there's no link to Joe Biden," said Goldman. "Joe Biden did everything by the book, consistent with U.S. policy. In fact, his actions and the actions of our allies in Europe, and ultimately of Ukraine, were potentially hurtful to him because they wanted more corruption to be charged. It's yet another example of an investigation that has reached a conclusion before they figured out the facts. What we want to do and what we did today is we brought out the facts. The facts are on our side. They are not on their side."

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