Morning Joe nails Republicans for allowing gun 'terrorists' to 'hold us hostage'

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough nailed Republicans for allowing their most extreme elements hold the nation hostage with gun violence.

The "Morning Joe" host lamented the recent string of daily mass shootings and called out the GOP for blocking gun safety laws backed by substantial majorities of Americans.

"You look at the extremes and these extremes push the agenda far more than most Republicans, most conservatives, most gun owners -- even most members of the NRA," Scarborough said. "You ask most members of the NRA whether they support universal background checks, enhanced background checks [and] 60 [percent] to 70 percent of them say they do."

"My friends in Pensacola that, you know, who, again, I always say, [go to] First Baptist Church, who started going hunting with their dads when they were 5, 6, 7 years old in the fall, they want universal background checks," he added. "They want red flag laws, they don't want terrorists to be able to walk up at gun shows and just pick up any type of gun they want to pick up. They want common-sense gun safety laws, too. So this isn't about gun owners, this isn't even about members of the NRA. This is about those extreme 20 percent that are holding the rest of us hostage."

04 19 2021 06 11 49