Woman dragged by her hair out of a Florida restaurant — here's why
Photo by Paul Siewert on Unsplash

A viral video shows a Tallahassee woman being dragged by her hair out of a prominent local Cuban restaurant. But today, new details revealed more information about the moments that led up to it.

The original incident was reported over the weekend by WCTV.

"The incident happened on Sunday, Jan. 22 at the Pensacola Street location. Latoya Woolfolk is the woman seen in the video that had at least 47,000 Facebook views before being removed," said the report. "Woolfolk said the incident started with a verbal argument between her and other customers, and they were all told to leave. 'Once I got outside on the porch, I looked over and I saw the security guard choking my girlfriend,' said Woolfolk. After that, she said one of her friends spat at the security guard, and that’s when he came to Woolfolk. 'At that point, he grabbed me by my hair,' said Woolfolk. 'He slammed me on the ground and that’s why I have the bruise on my elbow and on my knee.'" The person who grabbed her has been identified as cook Trenton Peterson, who was arrested and released on $500 bond.

New details, however, complicate the picture of what happened in the leadup to the physical altercation caught on film, according to a follow-up WCTV report on Monday.

"The man in the video, Trenton Peterson, reached out to WCTV after the story aired on Friday with the surveillance video. He also told WCTV reporter Staci Inez he wanted to clear his name," said the report. "[Woolfolk] is seen in the surveillance video throwing a chair and other items inside the restaurant. Peterson said this took place after Woolfolk and her friends were told to leave. Surveillance video shows them coming back inside the restaurant at one point. The surveillance video also shows an exchange between Peterson and Woolfolk’s friends as they are leaving the restaurant for the second time."

Altercations at restaurants frequently make headlines. In 2016, an argument over Donald Trump in a Mexican restaurant in Connecticut led to a fistfight on the second floor of the establishment.