Trump-loving pastor claims Biden replaced with a body double because 'different looking earlobes'
Twitter/screen grab

Pastor Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries asserted over the weekend that Joe Biden's administration "doesn't exist" and that the president had been replaced with a body double with "different looking earlobes."

In a Sunday sermon flagged by Right Wing Watch, Kunneman told his congregation that "woke" endeavors would fail.

"Interesting that God said that from the very start, November 4th, this is a fake administration; it doesn't exist. Why would he say that?" the pastor asked. "And then you got a guy (Biden); when I look at pictures, I don't know how many guys are trying to be him."

"I'm a cartoonist; I can recognize when somebody doesn't look the same," he continued. First of all, you got different looking eyes, different looking head, different looking earlobes."

But Kunneman insisted that he was not a "conspiracist."

"I don't read conspiracies; I don't even listen to the news," he remarked. "I'm just telling you, when I've seen pictures, I'm like, what are you trying to do? You're trying to pull the wool over our eyes. And I ain't buying it. I ain't buying it, because I ain't deceived."

Kunneman said he went so far as to verify Biden's signature.

"Boy, some people are mad right now," he joked. "Don't mess with my Biden. No, B-Y-E-D-O-N-E, Biden. There you go. I'm not playing their game."

Watch the video below.