Dem strategist steamrolls Fox News host Harris Faulkner as she tries to attack Biden's poll numbers

Democratic consultant Laura Fink refused to yield to Fox News host Harris Faulkner on Tuesday as she tried to attack President Joe Biden's poll numbers.

During a Fox News segment about Biden's refusal to release visitor records from his private residence, Faulkner admitted that former President Donald Trump had done the same for Mar-a-Lago.

But she added: "So Biden isn't the first president to hold back some of that information but he's spending an inordinate amount of time out of public view and knowledge and that then brings in the issue here."

Fink disagreed.

"I just don't think -- you can look at this data in Delaware and let's compare it to the stat at Mar-a-Lago where there were a number of hours on a golf course," Fink said. "Look, President Biden is in office. He is taking questions. He is out there. He has accomplished more in his first year the American Recovery Act and the American Jobs Plan, that bipartisan infrastructure deal than his predecessor could in four."

Faulkner tried to interrupt as Fink continued to talk.

"Why are his poll numbers so low?" the Fox News host could be heard asking.

"Don't compare him to the almighty, but the alternative," Fink said without missing a beat. "And I will say this, politically, when President Trump comes back on to the national stage as he has done, you're going to watch those poll numbers turn right back around because the alternative of the previous four years is anathema to both independents and the Democrats who do not find Biden perfect."

Watch the video below.

Dem strategist talks over Fox News host Harris