Officer Harry Dunn calls out 'courageous' witnesses who spoke up only after cops were beaten by Trump rioters
Officer Harry Dunn

One of the U.S. Capitol police officers injured in the January 6th insurrection called out witnesses who came forward to testify about Donald Trump's actions leading up to the riot.

Harry Dunn, who has testified before Congress about the violence and racist abuse he endured during the attack, thanked the Trumpworld witnesses who have spoken to investigators, but also issued a reminder that none of them took sufficient actions to prevent the insurrection.

"I’m always conflicted when I see these 'courageous' men and women coming forward with their testimony," Dunn said. "Like sure, I appreciate it tremendously, I really do, but there wasn’t anything you could’ve done BEFORE we got our asses beat?"

Dunn has appeared at every hearing of the House select committee, along with fellow police officers Michael Fanone and Aquilino Gonell.

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