White father and son accused of using ‘fatal funnel’ to murder Black man in road-rage incident
Roger Dale Nobles, left, and a screen shot from video of the shooting.

A white motorist is being charged with first-degree murder after fatally shooting a Black motorcyclist in an apparent road-rage incident in North Carolina.

Roger Dale Nobles, 51, fired a shotgun from the driver's seat of his pickup truck, striking 32-year-old Stephen Addison in the chest at a Fayetteville intersection on Monday, WRAL.com reported.

Nobles' son, Roger Dale Nobles Jr., had gotten out of their 1992 Chevy to argue with Addison prior to the shooting, and the incident was captured on video.

Nobles Sr. reportedly has a history of using racial slurs, with one Black neighbor saying he has called her the N-word. But prosecutors haven't decided whether to prosecute the case as a hate crime.

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Two security analysts who reviewed a six-second video of the incident said Nobles Jr., who has not been charged, played a key role in the murder, suggesting that he knew his father planned to shoot Addison.

Anthony Waddy, an analyst with SAV Consulting, said that in the video, Nobles Jr. "cleared a path" for his father to fire shots at Addison.

"Where he's actually standing in reference to, what we call in the military, a fatal funnel," Waddy told WRAL. "He's clearly out of harm's way."

Waddy also noted that Nobles Jr. didn't flinch when his father fired the shots.

"The most startling parts of the video are what did not happen, according to Waddy," WRAL reports. "Nobles Jr. looked down at Addison after he dropped to the ground, but did not turn to his father and did not appear surprised. Nobles Jr. also didn't render any aid to Addison, who ended up dying from his injuries."

The Nobelses reportedly waited for the traffic light to turn green before driving away. Nobles Sr. admitted to the shooting after police arrested him at his home.

Shahara Chance, Nobles Sr.'s Black neighbor, told the station she's had problems with him for years, and he has called her the N-word.

"He done drove in my yard and took pictures of me on my porch," Chance said. "He's shot his gun in the air telling me to turn my music down. I done been through hell with this man."

Addison, the victim, was a military veteran and father of three.

Watch the video below.

Warning: graphic content