'I'll kill you': Dad charged with hate crime for threatening daughter’s Black classmate in viral video
Judge with Gavel (Shutterstock)

On Thursday, KING 5 News reported that William Cunningham, a man in Monroe, Washington, is being charged with a hate crime over an incident shown in a viral video.

"The charge stems from an incident at the high school on Nov. 10, 2021, where a white female student racially taunted a Black student during an altercation, according to the Monroe Police Department," said the report. "The victim and the teenage daughter had a confrontation in the school parking lot following an incident earlier in the day where the girl allegedly shoved one of the victim's friends in a school hallway. Video of the confrontation shows the daughter's boyfriend and the victim shoving each other, according to court documents."

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"After the initial scuffle, the daughter went up to the victim and allegedly showed her father the victim's face on a video call," continued the report. "Cell phone video captures the father making death threats at the victim, saying 'if I see you, I'll kill you,' and calling the victim racial slurs, according to court documents."

In the video, Cunningham used the N-word and warned the Black student that he was a "big white cracker."

In recent months, several shocking racial hate incidents have made national news, one of the most prominent being a Louisiana judge who stepped down after video emerged of the N-word being used in her house while a burglary was in progress.

Watch the video of the incident below: