Louisiana judge resigns weeks after shocking N-word video taken in her home
Judge Michelle Odinet (screen grab).

On Friday, The Daily Beast reported that a Louisiana judge embattled in scandal after a video emerged weeks ago of the N-word being repeatedly used in her home, has finally resigned.

"Michelle Odinet was Lafayette City Court Judge until Dec. 31, when she announced her resignation," reported Kelly Weill. "She was previously on unpaid leave. In a letter to the Louisiana Supreme Court, Odinet wrote that she took 'full responsibility for the hurtful words.'"

Odinet's troubles began after a video surfaced of her and her family reacting to a burglary at her home. On the video, a woman could be repeatedly heard using the N-word and comparing the burglar to a roach.

Initially, Odinet claimed to have no recollection of the incident because she was under the effects of a sedative. "I have zero recollection of the video and the disturbing language used during it," she said. "Anyone who knows me and my husband, knows this is contrary to the way we live our lives.

This comes amid other controversies over state judges accused of racist behavior, including an Alabama judge removed from office after making disparaging remarks about police brutality victim George Floyd and asking the court's only Black employee whether he paid for his new car with drug dealing.