Slur-spewing suspect arrested after attacking Black woman — and threatening to hang her

A suspect has been arrested after he was caught on video earlier this month attacking a Black woman who was waiting in line at a Philadelphia-area convenience store.

"The woman said she was standing in line inside of the store when a man stormed in, bumped into her, and then attacked her, an act that was caught through video on her cellphone," reports.

The 19-year-old victim, who works at the store, told NBC 10 she was waiting in line to make a purchase after her shift when the man bumped into her.

"It's 2022, this stuff is still going on," the woman said. "I literally just told him, 'Hey, you just ran into me.' And the guy turned around and he started shouting all these racists slurs, telling me he was going to hang me outside the store."

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After the woman's video was shared widely online, 41-year-old Michael James Strickland was arrested and charged with terroristic threats, simple assault, ethnic intimidation and harassment, according to reports.

The victim's mother wrote on Facebook that Strickland hit her daughter in the back of the head, resulting in a concussion.

According to NBC 10, Strickland has a criminal history dating to 2003, including DUI, drug possession, aggravated assault and indecent exposure. After being arrested, he reportedly was released without posting bond.

"That obviously scares me," said the victim, who asked that she not be shown on camera. "You never know, is he going to come after you?"

Watch the raw video as well as the station's report below.