Watch: Tom Morello recalls the racist abuse he faced in childhood as Libertyville’s only person of color

During an interview with author and investor Tim Ferriss, Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello talked about his experience growing up in Libertyville, Illinois, as the only person of color.

"I literally integrated the town of the Libertyville, Illinois," Morello said. "Prior to my arrival, there were no people of color residing within its borders."

Morello went on to say that the town was "idyllic" when it comes to Chicago suburbs, "but everyone once in a while, you might find a noose in your family's garage."

"I saw a couple nooses growing up, one was in the garage when I was 13, the other was when I was 15 just walking past Brown's Chicken," Morello said. "And so ... those were threads in the cloth. ... I had great friends and great experiences, but it was not a racist-free environment."

Watch the video below. The relevant portion begins at around 6:59:

Tom Morello of "Rage Against the Machine" Fame — Fear{less} with Tim Ferriss

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