Colorado man told Spanish speakers they 'don't belong here' — then doused them with gas and tried setting them on fire: police
A man suspected of committing a hate crime (Aurora Police Dept)

Police in Aurora, Colorado are seeking a man whom they suspect accosted Spanish-speaking residents at a local gas station -- and then tried to set them on fire.

Fox 13 News reports that the suspect, who has yet to be identified but whose image has been captured on security camera footage, allegedly confronted two customers at the gas station who were speaking Spanish and told them that they "don't belong here."

Police then say that the man sprayed the customers with gasoline and then looked for a match or lighter in his car that he could use to set them on fire.

When he failed to find anything, he settled with throwing a rock through the back of the customers' car window.

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"Detectives are investigating this as a bias-motivated crime and need your help to identify the suspect," an Aurora Police Department spokesperson said. "He is about 20-25 y/o, 5'06" to 5'09" and described as Hispanic or Asian."