New cases of mysterious 'Havana syndrome' revealed
FILE PHOTO: The White House is awash with early morning sun on the morning of the U.S. Presidential election in Washington November 8, 2016. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

A pair of White House officials were overcome by the mysterious "Havana syndrome" late last year, according to newly revealed details.

Multiple sources say two officials on the National Security Council were affected by the illness, which has sickened more than 100 U.S. diplomats, spies and troops around the world, in November 2020, reported CNN.

The first case, which had been previously reported, involved an official who was trying to pass through a gate near the Ellipse, and that individual suffered headaches and difficulty sleeping for about a week afterward.

A second official was struck weeks later near an entrance to the White House grounds, and that individual suffered more serious illness that required medical treatment.