QAnon conference guests warned to stay out of child pickup line and kids-only bathrooms
Pastor Craig Haginh and Clay Clark. (Resist Programming/Twitter)

Attendees at a conference populated with QAnon conspiracists had to be ordered to stay away from areas where children were picked up by parents or used the restroom alone.

Coronavirus skeptics and QAnon adherents, who believe in baseless conspiracies that Democratic and Hollywood elites are sexually and physically abusing children, gathered this week for the "Health and Freedom" conference in Oklahoma, where organizers had to issue stern reminders to guests, according to comments flagged by Resist Programming.

"The upstairs bathroom in the south hallway right there, there's big stop signs that said these are for kids only, and we had some gentlemen that, we had kids in the bathroom and some gentlemen said they're not going to obey the rule," said Pastor Craig Hagin, co-pastor of Rhema Bible Church, which hosted the event.

Hagin's microphone was cut off at that point, but he awkwardly repeated his admonition after the brief pause.

"There's big stop signs that says please, kids only, you know," he said, "and it wouldn't be as bad if there wasn't the kids in there, you know, by themselves. We're trying to protect the kids."

Moments earlier, Hagin had also asked the QAnon conference attendees not to interfere with parents trying to pick up their children from day care offered at the Broken Arrow church.

"There's some of you that parked against the curb, and there's parents fixing to come pick their kids up from day care and they park against the curb, and so we don't want to have to tow anybody's car," Hagin said. "But if you did park on the curb and not in the parking place -- the regular parking place, no big deal, but if you parked near the curb then you need to move it."

The three-day event organized by Tulsa-area businessman Clay Clark features speeches from Donald Trump allies Michael Flynn, Lin Wood and Mike Lindell, as well as appearances by several prominent proponents of the QAnon conspiracy theory.