FBI wants to know if Rep. Cuellar accepted 'anything of value' in Azerbaijan probe: report
U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar

On Friday, ABC News revealed new details about the FBI raid on the home of Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX).

"The federal grand jury probe that led to the raid of Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar's home and office in Texas this week has begun issuing subpoenas, seeking records about a wide array of U.S. companies and advocacy organizations, many of them with ties to the former Soviet nation of Azerbaijan," reported Mike Levine. "Among the information being sought, according to one subpoena reviewed by ABC News, are records related to the congressman, his wife Imelda, and at least one of his campaign staffers."

Cuellar, who is also a co-chair of the Congressional Azerbaijan Caucus, is fully cooperating with the investigation, according to his attorney.

There is no indication at the moment that Cuellar or his wife are criminal targets of the investigation — but, according to the report, the information sought from them is broad-reaching.

"In addition to other information, the subpoena reviewed by ABC News seeks records 'relating to anything of value' that the congressman, his wife, and others close to them may have been offered by certain business leaders or foreign officials," said the report. "The subpoena also asks for records relating to any 'work, act, favor, or service' that Cuellar or his wife may have provided at the behest of certain foreign companies, government officials, American business leaders, or others."

Azerbaijan, a former Soviet state in central Asia, has a history of under-the-table lobbying practices in the United States to launder the reputation of its authoritarian regime.

Cuellar, a moderate who has represented Texas' 28th district since 2005, is facing a challenge from progressive attorney Jessica Cisneros in this year's primary.