'You want to cheat!' CNN's Cuomo rips far-right group that bragged about authoring voter restrictions
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo (screengrab).

On CNN Monday, anchor Chris Cuomo slammed the right-wing group Heritage Action after its chief was caught on tape bragging about authoring voter suppression bills around the country.

"When it comes to our politics, there is a game afoot, and here we expose it for you. Caught on tape tonight," said Cuomo.
The head of a major dark money group — remember, the problem in politics isn't illegal money, it's the legal money — this head of this dark money group brags about ghostwriting many of the bills clearing GOP state houses across the nation."

"Now look, we reached out to Heritage about the video and the claims. Here's their response," said Cuomo, reading it off. "'Heritage Action is proud of our work to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat. That work begins at the state level through our grassroots and continues through state legislatures across the country. Left-wing media' — that's us — 'who want to spin up panic and paranoia instead of focusing on real efforts to save our elections should be ignored.'"

"Here's the problem," said Cuomo. "They're right about how it works. Money matters. And this is the intelligence of money in politics. They have ideas they want to get across. The platitudes are easy. The policy is hard. What does that mean? Well, we want to make it hard to cheat. No, you want to cheat. You want to limit how many people can vote. For minority groups and big urban areas and those local officials you want cut out of the process. That's what you want. Because that is the far-right sale of white fright. These suppression advocates organize and then weaponize, many selling white fright and false notions that the election was stolen by big groups."

"Who is she talking about cheating?" said Cuomo. "Who is cheating? You see what I'm saying? You have to look at the premise. Who was cheating? Now, that's going to matter here. In just a moment, minority areas and local officials there, that's who they're talking about."

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