Herschel Walker's son: Republicans should never have supported my 'domestic abuser' dad
Hershel Walker campaign.

On Wednesday, BuzzFeed News came out with an interview of Christian Walker, the son of former football star and failed Trump-backed Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker, in which he expressed no regrets about the role he played in bringing down his father's campaign — and explained why he did it.

At the beginning of the cycle, Christian Walker, a committed conservative, spent much of his time boosting his father and other Republican campaigns, while attacking Democrats. However, behind the scenes, he felt betrayed and blindsided as a series of Walker scandals trickled out, and his father continued to lie and try to bury all of it.

"On the evening of Oct. 3, Christian fired off a series of tweets to his 280,000 followers in which he reacted in raw, spectacular fashion to a Daily Beast report that alleged his father had urged — and then paid for — a former partner to have an abortion (A second woman came forward with a similar claim weeks later.)" noted the report. "The Republican, who had been running on a platform opposed to abortion rights, swiftly denied the story and even threatened to sue. But Christian’s tweets excoriating his father for lying signaled to voters that not even those closest to Herschel believed him."

“We were told at the beginning of this he was going to get ahead of his past, hold himself accountable, all of these different things, and that would have been fine,” said Christian in a video following up those tweets. “He didn't do any of that. Everything's been a lie. Everything's been downplayed. Everything's been cutting corners.”

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Speaking to BuzzFeed, Christian Walker argued that his attacks can't really be blamed for the GOP's loss — they have only themselves to blame.

“What was so funny to me is people that were like, ‘Christian Walker's taking down the campaign!’” he said. “No, they took the campaign down by saying a bunch of stupid crap, by lying, by running a candidate who's a domestic abuser. I didn't do anything. All of the scandals were already out there. Did I give any new information? Literally, I did not. I said nothing new. We all already knew all of the scandals. So no, they blew the campaign up by running a dumb campaign. I did nothing.”