'Wear a condom': Herschel Walker's son is among his harshest critics after Wed. night bombshell report
Herschel Walker / U.S. Air Force photo by Ken Wright

In the first 48-hours of the Herschel Walker abortion scandal, Republicans and Christian leaders largely stood by the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate in Georgia despite accusations of hypocrisy on the issue. But that instinct was complicated on Wednesday after Walker denied knowing his accuser, despite having had a child with her that he has acknowledged, according to a bombshell new report.

“Sure, I was stunned, but I guess it also doesn’t shock me, that maybe there are just so many of us that he truly doesn’t remember,” she told The Daily Beast.

"But then again, if he really forgot about it, that says something, too," she added.

The new reporting came from the same reporter who broke the Monday story, Roger Sollenberger.

The bombshell report quickly generated commentary online.

Sarah Weinman, a columnist for New York Times books, tweeted, "This is a plot twist worthy of many a crime novel."

And that was even before the candidate's son Christian Walker said, "wear a condom, damn."

Tom Nichols of The Atlantic wrote, "You just knew that there would be more once he had dug that hole so deep."

"The GOP wants Walker in office because it thinks he's a malleable dolt who will do as he's told," author Mark Harris wrote. "So it's not a surprise that it views his lack of personal character as an asset. It makes the job easier."

Aisha Sultan, columnist at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote, "This story is much bigger than the hypocrisy of Herschel Walker. It has exposed the hypocrisy of the anti-abortion activists who could care less about their own side getting and funding abortions -- just as long as they can hold onto their own power."

BuzzFeed News reporter Paul McLeod said, "On top of everything else this is a reminder of one of the most clarifying and assumption-busting stats in reproductive health: most women who have an abortion have already had at least one child."

"A lot tougher to say 'this is some crazy rando with impeccable forgery skills' when you've already had one child with her," noted ABC News reporter Brad Mielke. "There's also just enough leeway in this story (they don't ID the accuser by name, just give this extra detail about her) in which Walker could double down on the denials...which will then look even sillier if she does offer her name."

Media critic and New Republic editor Jason Linkins wrote, "I'd say maybe this will jog his memory but uhhh you know......"