Herschel Walker’s campaign refuses to respond to proof his ad contains a blatant lie
Hershel Walker campaign.

While Herschel Walker is contending with another set of scandals, he's also running ads that are flat-out lies.

CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale pointed out that Walker is running an ad across Georgia television that falsely claims Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) cut funding to the police.

"This assertion is so imaginary that Walker's campaign hasn't even responded to requests to identify what he's talking about," said Dale.

It's an old claim that has been shot down previously from Walker's statements on the campaign trail.

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Walker appears on camera looking directly at the audience and says, "Raphael Warnock called police thugs, then cut their funding. Now he wants to end cash bail, putting criminals back out on the street. I'm Herschel Walker. I approved this message because stopping crime starts by keeping bad guys in jail."

Politifact called it "misleading," noting that the Walker campaign wouldn't even try to defend themselves over the claim. The federal government doesn't even handle policing for individual localities and as a member of a 100-person U.S. Senate, no individual senator does anything.

"I asked the campaign twice and also got no reply. I then asked the NRSC in case they maybe had the evidence and got no reply again," said Dale.