Herschel Walker bellyaches over questions about Trump: 'He's not here in Georgia — Herschel Walker is here'
Fox News/screen grab

Georgia Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Herschel Walker distanced himself from former President Donald Trump.

Walker spoke to Fox News on Tuesday during a roundtable with Black business leaders in Georgia.

"You know the former president, just a couple days ago, was up in North Carolina," the reporter noted. "If he comes to Georgia, you'll be standing next to him?"

Walker did not answer with an affirmative yes.

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"If he comes to Georgia, like I say, if he comes to do something for me, I'm fine with that," the candidate replied. "I'm still running for this office. I think people want to try to use Donald Trump and this and that."

"Herschel Walker is running for the Senate here in Georgia, not Donald Trump," he continued. "I think everybody would like for Donald to be running but he's not running. They would like him to be running for the Senate, he can't run for the Senate. He's not here in Georgia. Herschel Walker is here in Georgia. I'm running for the Senate and I'm going to win the Senate."

Watch the video below.