Georgia Republican Senate candidate Senate Herschel Walker sought to explain some of his gaffes and scandals during an interview on Fox News.

In the taped interview, Fox News host Brian Kilmeade pointed out that Walker has not accepted a debate with Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock.

"There's a debate Oct. 16," Kilmeade noted. "Why won't you commit to Oct. 16?"

Walker argued that Warnock was calling for debates as a ruse to avoid his "terrible record."

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"One of the first things you have got to think about is a debate is for the people, not for any press or for any political party," he said. "He keeps talking about debates because he doesn't want to talk about his terrible record."

Kilmeade also asked why Walker had refused to publicly claim some of his children whom he has "limited" contact with.

"We know about your son Christian," the Fox News host said. "What about the three others?"

"I've acknowledged my other kids," Walker insisted. "And the thing I didn't acknowledge them here because my daughter, people have seen her at some of the functions I've been at."

He added: "My two youngest kids, I'm not going to acknowledge them because I don't want them to be on any kind of scrutiny."

"Are you involved in their lives?" Kilmeade wondered.

"Well, I've always been involved in their lives," Walker asserted. "Those boys know I love them to death. They know that their dad loves them. And that's what counts."

The Fox News host also pressed the candidate on false claims that he had worked at the FBI as an "agent."

"No, I never said I worked with the FBI," Walker falsely told Kilmeade. "I said I worked with -- I said I've been to the FBI, I've trained with the FBI, which I did."

Walker addressed bizarre remarks he made about how China's "bad air" would "float" over to the United States.

"You know, that is very simple," Walker remarked. "We have good air here. China do not have good air. And I said we're doing our part."

"If everybody don't buy in, what are we doing?" he concluded.

Watch the video below from Fox News. You can also watch at this link.

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